At Well World Solutions, LLC, we Explore Diagnose Solve real world problems holistically with balanced research and strategic analysis.

We are a small, woman-owned, one-stop-shop, independent research consultancy, which designs and executes strategic research and analysis to serve specific business and organizational needs.

We specialize in designing and implementing surveys in multiple modes, conducting qualitative research such as focus groups, in-depth and key informant interviews, and analyzing both quantitative and qualitative data together or separately to answer key mission and organizational questions.

What Can We Do For You?

  • I have lots of data and other information. What can I do with it? Look no further. We will delve deep into your stacks of information to make sense of it, marry it to your strategic plans and provide actionable solutions.
  • I do not have any data. What can I do? We help you ask the questions, devise the methodology and collect the data you need to meet your strategic goals.
  • What does the data tell me? We will analyze the information and provide actionable plans to meet your strategic goals.
  • Capacity Building. We not only fish for you, but we can teach you and your staff how to fish. Our Research-in-a-Box solution is a great way to get your organization started in doing your own exploration to diagnose problems and come up with innovative solutions.

For more information about WWS and how we can help you achieve your organizational goals, please contact us via email at wellworldsolutions@outlook.com or by phone at 202-486-4997.