Our Services Include:

Creating a Research Agenda and Work Plan

In today’s data-drive world to better understand the strengths and weakness of your organization, your issue-position, what works and what doesn’t work to drive the policy agenda and meet your organization’s strategic goals, it is essential to conduct your own research and analysis. Often organizations have data that can already be used to drive decision-making and reach strategic goals and at times new data need to be collected.

We dive deep into your organizations workings to understand your goals and desired outcomes and work with you to create a research agenda and detailed work plan. We will work with you to implement this agenda and work plan and continuously fine-tune it as needs change or the environment changes. The process will yield actionable information that will help your organization achieve its policy and strategic goals.

Our Research-in-a-Box solution will also arm your staff with the necessary tools to help you reach your goals.

Grant Proposals

In order to do research, organizations often have to find funding. We help develop effective proposals that can help fund this research. Our proposals use your organization’s strengths to make the case for funding the research. We include appropriate background research, such as literature reviews and analysis of existing data sources, and propose cutting-edge, cost-effective methodologies for gathering needed information, to inform decision-making. We will also help you develop the appropriate budget and staffing plans.


We design appropriate research methods to answer your questions. We use a combination of quantitative techniques, such as surveys and extensive analysis of existing datasets, and qualitative methods, such as focus groups and key informant interviews to inform the decision making process.

  • Quantitative: Includes sampling, mode of data collection (mail, phone, web, etc.), designing instruments (surveys, data collection forms, etc.) and analysis plan.
  • Qualitative: Includes writing interview guidelines for focus groups and one-on-one interviews and conducting these sessions.


We create and implement models for evaluating programs. We implement evaluation models that allow us to help organizations to better understand how well their programs are working, identify issues and problems that might exist and provides data-driven recommendations based on in-depth and strategic analysis. We help organizations build their capacities to ably execute programs and increase their readiness to be evaluated. Our designs use a combination of methodologies to help assess not only an organization’s efficiency in achieving its goals but also measures if it is obtaining the desired outcomes.


Using appropriate statistical techniques we analyze quantitative data, such as those obtained from surveys. We also use content analysis and other appropriate methods to evaluate qualitative information from focus groups and one-on-one interviews.

  • Interpreting Information: Using a variety of statistical and qualitative methods we interpret an organization’s research findings for both professional and lay audiences.
  • Reporting and Presenting: We organize and showcase the results using charts, graphs, maps and other informational graphics that quickly and efficaciously delivers the main gist of the findings and the recommendations arising from them.